Services We are specialists in...

With a SDI you will get the highest interoperability and integration of your geographic databases on the basis of guidelines.

Grow and improve the efficiency in localization and access to services.

The capture and update of information allows you have a starting point for following analysis.

SIG allow the management and efficient working of geo-located data. It makes the most of your geo-data.

We give training courses in GIS tools at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Managing and analyzing the information using GIS makes easier the decisionmaking in the spatial and land use planning.

The obtaining and the cartographic incorporation will allow you to come with basic data for new projects and studies.

We have a team for helping you to introduce the GIS in your organization.

Your data would be anywhere and anytime.

We help you to use business intelligence strategies and tools for generate knowledge.

We help you to take advantage of the information and data from sensor networks, collected in the field...