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This service help you to: 
Create noise mapping and acoustic studies
Decision-making for your organization using geo-marketing
Make landscape analysis and environmental simulations
Manage, organize and plan the territory and urban resources

Spatial and land use planning

We analyze and manage your information using GIS, so you can integrate the results in studies or projects, providing visible and intuitive results that will facilitate the decisionmaking in spatial and land use planning jobs.

The construction of models for representing environmental variables that allow for knowing behaviors and foresee consequences.

Sixtema realizes environmental impact studies, impact and landscape integration studies, hydrological studies and Geomarketing services.

We make acoustic maps using systems that allow arrange the territory and the population based on different acoustic impacts. We carry out projects based on landscape ecology and we generate new useful information for you and for your customers.

Some examples

Rail line noise mapping of Ferrol’s outer harbour

Acoustic complaint study and noise mapping generation of the rail line

Ecological connectivity Index

Ecological corridors definition using Landscape Ecology


Calculation and territorial indicator analysis platform of the Euroregion

Impact and integration landscape studies of wind farms

Analysis, delimitation and study of landscape items

Strategic noise mapping PO-531

Talking situation and standing people with the noise from a road