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Create maps and cartography
Create webs with maps
Deploy IDEs and GIS
Make landscape analysis and environmental simulations
Manage, organize and plan the territory and urban resources
Organize your data in geodatabases

GIS training

Geographical Information Systems are fundamental tools for professionals working with the environment, the physical environment, the land-use planning and the management resources.

Sixtema has expertise in teaching GIS courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, both for universities and other public, private, national and international institutions, based on free and proprietary software:

Sixtema’s course offerings are eminently workshops and they are based on our experience as a company.

Some examples

GIS specialised course

It is directed at solving specific problems

Geographic Information Systems basic course

It provides the knowledge for beginning the professional activity with GIS

Geographic Information Systems advanced course

It is directed at participants with own knowledge of GIS