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Create geo-localization applications in mobile devices
Create webs with maps
See your information with augmented reality

Geolocalization and maps for mobile phones

We carry your geo-referenced data to mobile phones. It will be available anywhere and anytime.

We create optimized applications that benefit from the geo-localization power of mobile phone for offer the most important information depending on your situation. It can be visualized through augmented reality using the compass, the camera and the accelerometer that offer this kind of devices.

The applications are totally adaptable to the needs and data: from web applications to Android or iOS applications.

Some examples

Geoportal of Bergantiños

Heritage and touristic resources geoviewer of Bergantiños

Costa da Morte geoviewer

Heritage and touristic resources geoviewer of Costa da Morte

Hércules multimedia

Guidebook of the Council of A Coruña for mobile devices

Galician cultural infrastructure geoviewer

Heritage and touristic resources geoviewer of Arousa Norte

Georeferencing and resource viewer of the Council of Corcubión