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This service help you to: 
Apply Data Mining and Business Intelligence to spatial information
Create maps and cartography
Decision-making for your organization using geo-marketing
Manage, organize and plan the territory and urban resources

Business Intelligence

We help you to use business intelligence strategies and tools for generate and obtain knowledge using analyzing research data that live in your organization and like support for taking decisions:


Start to use Business Intelligence technologies and get the most of your data using:

  • Data Warehouse.
  • ETL (Extract-Load-Transformation) tools for obtain information.
  • Integration with OpenData.
  • OLAP server configuration.
  • Mining and data process.
  • Reports and dashboards generation.

Some examples


Calculation and territorial indicator analysis platform of the Euroregion

Platform for coordination and civic participation in defense of rivers

Web of sightings, presence and abundance of breeding birds

Hércules multimedia

Guidebook of the Council of A Coruña for mobile devices